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TECR has been serving manufacturing communities since 1999,
specializing in manufacturing, machine tools, automation, and training and education.

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November 29, 2020

TECR University

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TECR University offers factory authorized and tailor-made training modules for your machines and employee levels.
Perfect programming, fast set up and operation of your CNC-controlled machines are the foundations of our training program.
We also offer a complete range of learning modes.

Modern CNC training centers are located in factory sites. On-site training can also be arranged at your plant.
TECR University offers advanced and comprehensive online education programs for the metalworking industry.
Training is provided in all areas including CNC-turning, milling, ultrasonic and laser processes.

TECR Training Basics

  • Effective learning in small groups
  • Hands-on training by qualified trainers
  • On-site training
  • Online content modules

TECR Academy

  • Individual training modules
  • Generation of customer-specific requirement profiles in workshops
  • Needs based training courses for your company
  • Online reinforcement modules

TECR Programming and Training Systems

  • Workshop oriented and independent programming
  • Control identical software and hardware
  • Online content and reinforcement modules

TECR Training Projects

  • Single location and comprehensive solutions
  • Planning, delivery and commissioning from one source
  • Online modules stylized to customer needs