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November 29, 2020

TECR Automation Product Lines

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Liebherr - Material Handling

The material handling division is concerned with the automatic handling of workpieces in production systems including loading and unloading of machine tools as well as storage of parts.

Pallet handling systems for machine centers

  • Pallet Handling Systems

    The PHS pallet-handling system is designed to automatically supply machining centres with workpieces mounted on pallets. It is available in three sizes and accommodates transport loads ranging from 500 to 10,000 kg. Each size is a modular system with individual adaption possibilities for the respective application. The number of connected machines as well as equipment and storage slots remains variable. With an option to include handling of unmachined and finished parts using euro-pallets, the system meets every requirement for state-of-the-art production. Easy access to the machine is also provided thanks to an optional front access unique in this product segment. This access allows for both manual and automatic operation free of restrictions.

    <--Click image to watch video of pallet handling system.

Material Handling Systems

  • Gantries

    The gantries are built in 5 different sizes for linear gantries and 3 sizes for area gantries for workpiece weights between 0.5 and 1,000 kg. Each size is a modular system with individual adaption possibilities for the respective application. The axis is driven via a gear rack through a three phase servo motor. Controls are supplied by all known and reputable suppliers. Gantries offer multiple possibilities for transportation, handling, loading and unloading as well as storage. Based on the use of R&M and FMEA-measures they are exceptionally low maintenance.

  • Pick and Place

    The pick and place is designed for simple handling tasks. The drive is either a three-phase or a three-phase servo motor.

  • Robotics

    To complement its automation solutions, Liebherr also provides the integration of standard industrial robots into production systems. Applications range from standalone solutions to ground rail-mounted applications to overhead robots. They are employed wherever the flexibility of robotics in fulfilling transport or loading tasks cannot be suitably implemented using a gantry solution.

  • Palletizers

    Palletizers are special equipment for the transfer and stacking of wire baskets and pallets. They are manufactured in two different sizes.

Transportation Systems

Liebherr offers a broad material handling program for a variety of applications.

Magazine Systems

Liebherr's material handling technology offers workpiece storage systems in different versions.

Production Systems

For more than 35 years, Liebherr has supplied systems for the automation of complete manufacturing lines. Liebherr planned all required systems and equipment for the automatic material handling and transportation, coordinated all projects with machine tools suppliers and realized them. Depending on the main focus, following tools ad technologies are used:
  • Simultaneous Engineering
  • Layout planning
  • Selection of appropriate automation equipment
  • Simulation of the material flow
  • Clarification of interfaces with other machine tool suppliers
  • Work out of a specification with regard to controls and interfaces